Chapter 7: Unfortunate Matters.

Author’s note: Hello! Thank you for reading my works, I love hearing back about my blogs and chapters (Gives me a reason to write!) I just could not wait to post this chapter and share what happens on this “perfect date” haha, so I wrote this chapter as soon as I could. Due to that, I apologize for the super short chapter, I just couldn’t wait!! P.S. Somebody “H” needs to chill 😛 

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This is awkward would be an understatement, was what Tania Beckster’s mind kept saying to her, while she tried her best to be courteous to the ever joyful Everlyn, and painfully blushed Harry who’s face looked as if he had been punched in the stomach.

“How amazing to finally see you here! You’ve been a little sneaky huh Pete?” Everlyn hugged Peter and then nudged him about Tania and the news on their date.

“Can’t keep anything hidden from you now can I Evie?” Peter replied, clearly extremely happy to see his friend.

“Tania, let me tell you if he already haven’t mentioned so. Pete and I went to Oxford together, same year and many of the same classes. And if that wasn’t enough, I unfortunately shared the same house street with him! Neighbors you see?” Everlyn explained the friendship which seemed to have been a surprise not just to Tania, but to Harry himself.

“Unfortunately? You sure about that?” Peter replied, with a wink he thought would go unnoticed, which it didn’t to both Harry and Tania.

“Neighbors?” Harry asked as if hoping to have misheard her. Just when he thought Peter Spencer could not get any more involved around his life, he did. It was like there was no stopping of these unpleasant coincidences.

“Yes! Did I never mention that to you? Well now you know!” Everlyn was so cheerful all the time; it made Tania and Harry both feel sick to their stomachs some times.

While Peter and Everlyn caught up before settling down at their respective tables, Harry and Tania stood around awkwardly, both hoping for the night to just end right then and there instead. Tania joined in the conversation here and there, talked when necessary and then would go back to her thoughts. She tried talking to Harry too, who because of his increasing irritation of Peter kept replying to her in one-word answers. Jerk! Tania thought, wishing to move away from Harry as soon as she could. He was acting extremely weird, completely unlike himself.

Harry on the other hand found it too hard to talk to Tania in a friendly manner, since two things were annoying him the most. One was his unexplainable irritation of her date with Peter, and second was the fear of letting his emotions take over his expressions. It took him all his might to look at Tania without staring at her. She wore a slim full black sleeveless dress with a V-plunging neckline, and a long slit in the front from her mid thighs down, exposing her toned legs. She had paired that with a braided updo, pearl studs, a thin gold necklace with a charm that Harry noticed was always there around her neck, and black open toe heels. Despite minimal makeup, she looked stunning even more so than Everlyn, if that was possible. Harry’s mind had never thought of her in that way, but right now it couldn’t stop thinking of just stealing her away for the night all by himself.

“You look…stunning.” Harry blurted out without realizing his thoughts had been spoken out loud.

“Thank you…you look good yourself, Sir.” Tania politely answered with a smile, unsure of what else to say to a sudden compliment regarding her beauty from a prince whose fiancée was clearly one of the most beautiful women known in the country.

“Harry please, no sir.” Harry insisted.

“Um..Thank you, Harry” Tania awkwardly obliged before they both fell into silence again, stuck in the middle of their respective partners who seemed like their conversation could go on for ages.

“Harry. Harry?” Everlyn caught Harry’s attention with a little nudge, bringing him back from his thoughts.

“Oh yes, sorry.” Harry said absent-mindedly before moving away from the unwanted gathering and making his way back to their seats. The close proximity of Peter Spencer from their table and the unfortunate view of being able to watch Peter and Tania’s ongoing date from his seat made Harry uncomfortable every growing second.

“I can’t believe Peter is dating Tania!” Everlyn said.

“Dating? It’s…it’s just a random date. Surely they’re not ‘dating’,” Harry replied, insisting it wasn’t a real date.

“Harry, are you alright? You seem uneasy about Peter and Tania. Do you know something about her? Oh my God! Don’t tell me she’s a crazy one? I’ll have to warn Pete you know? friend code!” Everlyn exclaimed, worrying about her friend.

“Crazy? Tania? Uneasy? Me? No, no you’re just overthinking.” He replied fast, trying to hide his real feelings on the matter. Jumping up on his feet the minute he saw Peter reach out and slide his hand on to Tania’s thigh under the table, Harry scared a few people around him, including Everlyn.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” She stood up, scared there was a bug under the table.

“Where’s the waiter? We need the bill. I want to leave.”

“Harry, I am extremely worried. You’ve been acting weird tonight. I think you’re not well. Let’s call a driver to drive us back?”

“No I am fine, I just need to leave from here.”

Relax! You’re acting like a 16-year-old girl seeing her ex for the first time after the break up. Goodness. Don’t forget who you are and who you’re here with! Keep your eyes and mind on your FIANĆEE! Harry scolded himself in his mind, frustrated at his mixed feelings. He still could not figure out why Tania mattered so much.

While Harry could not figure out why he felt the way he did, across the room, Tania could not figure out why she wanted to steal looks to watch Harry from time to time. Part of her couldn’t focus with Peter, it just wanted to be with Harry instead. Him suited up, looking hotter than usual, was something that got her attention despite her never having those feelings for any guy. There was something about Harry’s body language tonight that made her feel like she wasn’t the only one in this situation; he felt something too. She could read it off of him even if no one else could. There were too many unspoken words tonight, and tomorrow was going to be a very awkward office day indeed.

“You alright? You don’t feel awkward here do you? Maybe I shouldn’t have done VIP? It’s a more casual vibe outside than in this room. Should’ve known.” Peter wondered, trying to apologize thinking the formal setting was what was making Tania uneasy.

“Oh no I’m fine, sorry. Just a little hot that’s all.”

“That, you are” Peter winked.

“Always too smart aren’t you?” Tania laughed.

“That, I am. Yes. Always.”

“Cocky too? Should I be impressed or turned off?”

“Ahh..So I DO turn you on? Nice to know, this’ll work tonight then” Peter smirked, as Tania raised her eyebrows and laughed, shaking her head.

Although Tania relaxed after Harry was not in sight anymore and Peter’s charm was irresistible, the emotional tension that started tonight was going to get only worse. None of them had any idea of the storm that was about to come for not just Tania and Harry, but unfortunately for Peter and Everlyn too.

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