Chapter 6: Wavering Heart.

A designer pink tie paired with a solid royal blue blazer, a polka dot pocket square, and white trousers, Prince Harry came downstairs all ready for his date. His hair perfectly made, just the right color of brown shoes, an expensive watch, and the most attractive cologne flowing the halls of the palace; any women would swoon by a mere look of the prince tonight.

“Going on a date are we?” Came a familiar voice from behind.

“Yes.” Harry did not want to have any arguments at this moment with his unwelcomed brother.

“Harold dear…always so stiff around me. I’m your older brother, be nice now!” a sarcastic laugh accompanied as Prince Albert checked out his brother’s choice of style.

“I don’t have time for another sneering session of yours. Have you seen mummy?”

“C’mon now Harry, I don’t always sneer. Sometimes, I do really love you” Prince Albert tried his best to sound genuine, following Prince Harry to the tearoom.

“The tales of your lies never end, do they Albie? We both know what you really think of me.”

Before Prince Albert could reply, the Queen had joined her sons in the hallway.

“Mumma! I was looking for you. I’m leaving, thought to let you know before I did.”

“Oh yes darling. Have fun, and give my regards to Everlyn” the queen kissed her son on the cheek as he gave her a hug and left.

“Give her my LOVE!” Yelled and laughed out Albert, and got exactly what he expected from Harry, a flick off.

Harry drove the car himself today, trying to be as personal as he could be with Everlyn tonight. They had never really had any real sort of relationship since Harry had always felt it was more of a duty towards his family to marry Everlyn. Perhaps this date and spending some time alone could actually get him to understand Everlyn more, and could even get him to start liking her like he should be. Living life with a person without loving them would not be easy, and most of all, it would be completely wrong for the one deceived into the relationship.

15 minutes later, Harry stopped outside the door of a beautiful French inspired mansion. Everlyn was staying at her aunt Lady Claire’s who was Harry’s 3rd cousin by marriage.

“Harry darling! Come inside for a bit?” Lady Claire insisted, following Everlyn outside.

“Some other time perhaps, My Lady. We’re already a tad bit late for our reservations.” Lady Claire was known to being a blabbermouth around the town, and Harry had no time for gossips.

“Auntie, we shall talk later. I’ve got a date to go to!” Everlyn laughed, waving good-bye to her aunt before settling in. Her silk red dress graced her slim body, plunging neckline complementing her figure, and her red hair put perfectly into a braided bun; she could make millions of girls envious of her in seconds.

“You look beautiful!” Harry complimented, who himself had gotten lost in her beauty.

Surprised as always by his compliment, Everlyn gave a big smile, “Thanks, Harry…you look handsome as always”. She had always found him too attractive to handle.

“So where are you taking me tonight?” Everlyn asked.

“I’ve gotten reservations at the best Italian restaurant in Stantfordshire.”

“Hmm..impressive. I love Italian! Did you know?” Everlyn had been hoping for Italian as a choice.

“You’d be surprised how much I know” Teased Harry.

“Really now? like what? This is getting interesting” Everlyn positioned herself slight bit to sit facing Harry. This was truly interesting, knowing how less her and Harry had actually shared anything about each other in these past 1 ½ years they had been together.

“I know you love chocolate cake, especially chocolate Ganache. And you die for coconut filled donut from Henrietta’s here in town.” Harry smiled as if knowing these things were a sort of accomplishment.

“Wow…I am extremely surprised by this if you ask me Harry. Is it the papers that have taught you this all? Done our homework have we?” Laughed Everlyn as she pulled Harry’s leg.

“Page number 5 of the papers to be exact. Top left celebrity corner.” Harry joined in the fun. Laughing as he shared other bizarre things he remembered that she once had mentioned, time flew by as he drove to the other end of the town to reach the restaurant. For the first time ever, their meeting was more than just a greeting and few chit-chats.

“Here we are.” Harry pulled up to the valet in the parking lot as they both got out right outside the bright LED lights that sat on top of a rustic yet contemporary looking building named “Basilico”.

“Oh my God! Basilico! Harry I had told myself I won’t leave from Stantfordshire without going here at least once!” exclaimed Everlyn, clearly excited about Harry’s choice of dinner venue.

“Sir” said a short bald man, dressed up in all black formal wear, bowing to Harry, “VIP section is this way, Sir.”

Following the man, Harry and Everlyn walked into the ballroom style decorated VIP section of the restaurant. The servants pulled out the chairs, and pushed them in once both sat down. Harry felt a little awkward by this behavior as if they thought the royals dined with such staff attention every single day. Everlyn could feel Harry’s embarrassment which she tried to lighten up by commenting, “Oh how wonderful! I was afraid I would have to call my footman personally alongside this date. Thank you so much sir!” Harry was oddly the only one to realize Everlyn’s sarcasm and chuckled.

He was starting to like her much more than he had ever done so before. Harry wasn’t just blown away by her beauty tonight; it was her personality that was attracting him much more. Her jokes, her laugh, her care-free personality, and above all, a kind heart was keeping it hard for him to not look at her in a way he never had thought of before. Was he really ready for this?

“We are going to have Antipasta Misto for starters, Cannelloni for ma’am, and Bistecca Al Peppe Verde for me. For drinks we’ll get the best red wine you’ve got.” Distracted from his thoughts by the server, Harry finished giving the order and got a bow in return again.

“I swear I’m getting extremely tired of these bows. And the bloody photographers lining outside. I can see them all the way from here.”

“C’mon Harry, relax. Why’re you getting all worked up for nothing? And the good part is, only YOU can see them, they can’t see inside so we’ll deal with them when we get out okay?”

“Yes, you’re right. Sorry,” Harry felt really bad for getting irritated on a date that rarely happens anyways. “Anyways, how are Lord and Lady Geitch?”

“My parents are perfectly fine as always. Daddy’s got a new golf partner he met recently at the club who seems to be taking up much of his time now, and mumma has 1000s of charities to go to so no one’s stopping the other from anything.”

Everlyn did not have a very close family, her parents were always more involved with others instead of among themselves and the entire country knew that. Everlyn’s mother had recently been a target of some tabloids raising false allegations of adultery with her fellow charity member, Lord Chamberlain. Harry’s father had to be assured there was no such thing happening to keep the engagement going, as he threatened to end Harry’s relationship because such a disgrace would ruin the King’s name.

“Well that’s good to hear. I’d like to play golf with your father some day, heard he’s damn good at it. Could learn a trick or two from him.”

“Please don’t tell him that! He won’t let you go from the course as long as he could stand on his feet! That man is absolutely out of his mind!” Everlyn laughed, clearly showing her love for her father by the way she talked about him.

“alright, alright! I won’t utter a…..what??” Harry stopped abruptly, as if he had seen something he wished he never had. His face was pale, ears and cheeks turning red by the minute, and his scrutinizing eye following someone’s path, “Not here.” Harry’s insides flushed down any last happy feeling he had that night. Anger and confusion filled his heart.

On the other side of the table, Everlyn had a completely different reaction.

“Peter!!” She got up and rushed to meet Peter Spencer who had just walked in to the table right behind Harry’s, with none other than Tania Beckster.

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