Chapter 5: The Revelation.

“Peter?” Tania was staring with her eyes wide open at the man who had been her blind date few days ago.

“Tania.” Peter Spencer smiled, and gave her a quick hug. His expressions were very calm unlike Tania’s surprised one that did not seem to go away no matter how hard she tried.

“You know each other?” Mr. Spencer added into the surprised emotions, unsure of how to take the apparent friendliness that lined his son’s face towards this girl.

Harry was the most interested in this acquaintance out of anyone else in the room. His face wore a mask of pretense towards the situation, but his eyes didn’t leave Tania’s for even a second. He couldn’t understand why Tania had become so rigid in her posture upon the arrival of Peter. And what blew Harry’s mind even more was the friendliness that Peter showed towards Tania despite her confused look. Harry was trying his hardest to stay calm, but his insides were churning at the way Peter stared back at her.

“Um. Yes, we…we met at a restaurant few days ago. Mutual friends group.” Tania tried to sound convincing, now getting more relaxed.

Peter’s lips curled into a smile, “At a pub really. Blind date, father. But yes, mutual friends group. Any who, shall we sit?” He smiled at Tania and his father before walking to the table.

Tania blushed and embarrassed; gave a short fake laugh before leaving the awkward circle, which now consisted of a confused father and a jealous prince.

Blind date?? With him? PUB? BLIND. DATE?

Harry’s mind was boggled to say the least. His mind was trying to reason that this was perfectly normal, but his heart kept pretending as if Tania was someone who could never go on dates or to pubs. What was wrong with him?

The meeting progressed smoothly despite Harry’s constant distraction due to Peter’s subtle flirtations hinted towards Tania. They were either too subtle for anyone else to notice or others just pretended like it wasn’t happening. As for Tania, she had never blushed so much in her life. Peter was acting a little differently here to say the least. She expected him to be extremely professional and snobbish; at least in front of his father. The meeting came to an end, much to Harry’s wishes, and Mr. Spencer turned to Harry one last time before getting up.

“Alright Harry. As you know my work ethics, I can’t promise you anything right now. I have been dealing with your company for decades and your brother had been a very good partner indeed. Anyways, I will discuss with my team and let you know Monday.”

“For sure sir. I’ll wait for you call. Hope we can keep the tradition going. Thank you for coming. Pleasure working with you.” Harry shook Mr. Spencer’s hand as everyone got up and started to talk. He was heading towards Peter when Peter headed off to Tania straight.

“Hey. Knew you were a workaholic, but this good at your work? I’ve got myself a good catch aye?” Peter smiled, shamelessly flirting.

“And I’ve gotten myself into a dangerous one I’m guessing? You’re forgetting we’re at work Mr. Spencer…Junior.” Tania laughed, biting her lip before she started to leave.

Peter caught her hand, stopping her in her tracks, and leaning down to her ear he whispered, “Don’t forget. We’ve got a date tonight. A PROPER date.”

Tania looked around afraid someone must have heard him, and seeing no one had, smiled and walked away shaking her head. But she was wrong, because Harry had heard their entire conversation and watched the flirting. The minute Peter had mentioned a date; Harry’s face had turned red with anger. He could not understand why all this mattered to him so much when it was none of his business. His mind kept trying to make excuses for his anger thinking that his working partners could not date his designing department head. But his heart already knew why it mattered to him despite the denials.

“Peter. Thank you for coming with your father to this meeting; your input was very much needed. What’re you up to tonight? Let’s go out for drinks?” Harry had no idea why he had asked Peter out.

Royals did not go out on random meetings or parties unless a formal invitation was accepted and especially not at night. To ask for drinks at night to a bar with not even a close friend was an absolute no-no and would cost him a lecture from the King. Even Peter was astonished this offer, to say the least.

“Um…already got plans. Sorry. Perhaps next time?” Peter tried to turn it down nicely.

“Of course.” Harry wanted to slap himself. Idiot.

The minute Mr. Spencer and party left, Harry called Everlyn.

“Hello? Everlyn. We’re going on a date tonight. I’ll send a car to bring you over from your aunt’s at 6. We’ll leave from the palace if that’s all right?”

“Harry. What a surprise! Thought I was meeting you tomorrow?”

“Well I thought to take you out to dinner if you didn’t mind. We hadn’t really seen each other for months before few days ago. Dinner’s a must.” Harry tried sounding convincing. He was still trying to find out why he was even doing this.

You’ve gone mental. That’s what’s up. His mind yelled.

“Oh Harry! You’re really surprising you know that? I’ll be ready. Can’t wait!” She sounded so excited, Harry felt guilty after the call.

Harry! You can’t do that! Just because Peter takes Tania out on a date doesn’t mean you act out like this. You can’t play around with Everlyn’s feelings. This is not fair.

 Harry’s mind tried to stop his impulsive reactions but there was no going back. He texted his sister about the dinner plans since the Queen did not believe in messaging her children, and a call to her would result in thousand questions about this date.

Seconds after his message, his phone started beeping. His sister had immediately called him upon receiving the message.

“Date? That’s surprising!”

“Why is that surprising?” Harry made a face.

“Let’s see… Because you never really talk about her at all? And suddenly there’s a date tonight?” His sister sounded suspicious.

“So what? I can’t take my fiancée out for dinner?”

“Alright. Who is this? Who are you and what’ve you done to my brother?” His sister acted like she was interrogating a stranger.

“Ella! Watch your cheeky self or I’ll tell mumma about your travelling plan with friends.” Harry smiled; he knew he hit the right nerve.

“Harold! You say one thing about that to mummy and I’ll…I’ll…ugh! Can’t believe I told you about that!” Princess Isabella sounded frustrated.

“Shush now. Alright silly, I’ve gotta go. Tell mumma I won’t be home for dinner. Don’t forget.” Harry shook his head. He loved his little sister far too much.

“Fine. Harold!” Emphasizing on his full name, she hung up.

Now, where to take her? Harry thought to himself.

He definitely didn’t want to run into Peter and Tania at the date either. He wouldn’t be able to contain himself. Perhaps, that didn’t need to be his worry. According to Queen Mother and the Queen, Harry’s match with Everlyn was perfect. And to break it off would cost them a lot of disgrace, which meant Harry’s sole priority needed to be Lady Geitch.

“Tania is a commoner. She is a nobody for you! Don’t forget who you are. She is not anywhere near your standards Harry. Don’t let her influence your priorities. Everlyn brings in the Geitch and their business connections for our family. Do not forget that.”

Harry could hear his father saying these exact words to him, only so with a disappointed face. Harry knew very well that his father thought less of him than Arthur. Arthur was the perfect heir; businessman, conscious about the lineage and money, uncaring towards those who needn’t be of his worries. Harry had always been his mother’s son; the caring and gentle one. Harry was known to be the romantic in the family, someone his father repeatedly said time and again would, “Bring disgrace to this family one day! Watch this one marry for love and ruin our names! Son, fix yourself before it’s too late. I won’t let you put our names in dirt!”

Harry’s engagement to Everlyn was a matter of pride, ego, and lineage that could ruin names of both the families. Tania had no space in Harry’s life. She could NOT be somebody in his life. He couldn’t let her be that.



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