Chapter 4: Surprise!

It was a good day so far in the office. Everyone seemed in quite a good mood today, even the grumpy old mail deliveryman. Surprisingly enough, even Harry had not called or talked to Tania today at all. Well, that could have been due to the fact that Everlyn happened to have joined him at work today; which was something the King had grudgingly allowed.

“She’s so gorgeous!! I have NEVER seen anyone with the perfect shade of red hair like hers! Ugh, royals!” Kelsey could not stop staring at the future princess.

“I bet she’s got a soccer field sized closet! IMAGINE ALL THE SHOES!” Hannah, the receptionist walking by joined in the conversation.

“Can you both stop it! We’ve got work to do? Hannah, have you sorted out the files I gave you this morning? I need them all signed by Harr-Sir!” Tania cleared her throat, catching herself in time, “And Kelsey, haven’t you got to work on the project slides? Mr. Spencer can come any day now.”

“Honestly Tan, you’re exactly like an old worrisome gran you know that? Chill out, enjoy the Royal view!” Kelsey and Hannah started laughing while Tania just walked away shaking her head.

It was weird; she had never felt irritated by someone so much in her life, but this fiancée of Harry’s made Tania feel jealous. Jealous? That can’t be! Why would I feel jealous of her? Whatever, she’s not THAT pretty anyways, Tania thought to herself. Come on! Who am I kidding? She’s beautiful!

 The morning passed away quickly as Tania kept herself busy, seldom passing his office or making any sort of contact with Harry and his fiancée. She could’ve sworn she saw him look at her from time to time with what looked like an expression yelling ‘Come talk to me!’ but she figured it was her mind playing games on her. Sitting next to world’s most beautiful woman and that too an aristocrat, there was no way a prince like Harry would have eyes for Tania. Pushing her unneeded feelings aside, she carried on with her work.

“Tania, someone from Mr. Spencer’s office called. He’s coming here today at 4.” Hannah hurriedly informed Tania.

“That man! NEVER calls a day ahead! Alright, thanks. Can you let sir know too?”

“I already did so. He asked you to go in the see him ASAP. He needs an update.”

“Okay, thanks Hannah.” Here it was, the time her and Harry both had been avoiding since morning. Now she had no choice but to go see him.

“Sir?” Tania entered, knocking on Harry’s door.

“Tania! I-I mean..Ms. Beckster. Come in” Harry stuttered with his face extremely red, trying and failing at hiding his emotions on seeing her finally.

“Oh yes! Um, Ms. Beckster, this is Everlyn, my fiancée. Everlyn, Tania Beckster; Head of the designing department.” Harry introduced both the ladies after a staring look from Everlyn.

“Nice to meet you Tania.” Everlyn shook Tania’s hand as Tania shook her hand while curtsying.

“Oh no! no need to do that!” Everlyn pointed out to a blushed Tania. “Perhaps once I am married.” Everlyn laughed jokingly.

“Sir, Mr. Spencer as you know is coming here at 4. I have made sure the presentation is done at least an hour before he arrives, and I am about to make copies of the designs and plan to have presentation folders ready. Anything else I could do?” Tania got straight to the point, wanting to get out of the awkward room before the fiancée made another not-so-funny joke.

“That’d be all. As always, you leave nothing behind.” Harry gave a smile to Tania, which went away as Everlyn turned to look at Harry.

“Thank you, Sir. Please excuse me. Nice to meet you ma’am.” Tania gave a quick smile at Everlyn before rushing out.

“Hardworking girl she seems. Pretty too. Should I be worried?” Everlyn gave Harry a serious look, who immediately turned red, before he found her laughing away her joke, “hahaha. Oh Gosh Harry! Look at you! Don’t worry, I am not the jealous kind. I know your taste, and that’s not it” Everlyn laughed away, while Harry thought of the truth that she had no idea about.

3:50 pm came, and with everything ready and set perfectly, Harry, Tania and few others waited in the conference room for the 4 pm meeting. Everlyn had left around an hour ago for lunch with her aunt in the city and was going to meet Harry the next day.

“They’re here” Hannah called in for Harry to know that Mr. Spencer had arrived.

“Alright, he’s here. Remember, he’s very intimidating at first, but if he starts to like your business methods, he’ll think over what you say twice. We have everything set so there shouldn’t be any reason for him to not give us this project.” Harry said to the meeting members before Mr. Spencer and his employees joined them.

The door to the conference room opened behind Tania, and there came in a man in around his late 50’s; dressed in an expensive looking suit outfit, and a colorful patterned tie. Mr. Spencer might be getting older, but he hated the idea of old and tried too hard to dress too young. As few more came into the conference room, Tania walked up to Mr. Spencer who had gone straight up to Harry.

“Sir! Wonderful to have you at this meeting.” Harry shook his hand.

“Harry, you know I go to every important meeting that could possibly make my company millions.” The old man gave a dry laugh.

“Mr. Spencer! How nice to meet after all this time. Hope you remember me?” Tania smiled as she approached Mr. Spencer.

“Ah! No one could possibly forget you! How do you do Ms. Beckster?” To Harry’s surprise, Mr. Spencer seemed joyous to meet Tania like any old friend would. Tania had not mentioned her tales of friendship with his distant uncle.

“Very well sir, thank you. Hope to make you feel just as happy with this meeting.”

Tania was smart when it came to business relations. She knew who to run away from, and who to befriend even if you didn’t want to, for the sake of business. As the greetings started dying out and everyone started to settle down, Mr. Spencer turned towards the door.

“Ah! There he is. Harry you remember him yes? Tania, that’s my new financial advisor.”

Tania turned around as the door behind her opened up and her jaw dropped for the revelation of the most shocking surprise; seeing who came through the door, and what Mr. Spencer said next.

“My son, Peter Thomas Spencer.”

A very familiar face indeed.

Continue to Chapter 5: The Revelation.



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