Chapter 3: The Date.

“Lady Everlyn of Geitch is here, sir.”

“Send her in, don’t keep her waiting Max”, Harry said to the footman as he tied his shoelaces.

Max obeyed and after a bow, left to get the lady. Harry meanwhile tried to relax. His heart was beating fast, and mind was trying to find ways of not remembering Tania. Harry could not understand why meeting Everlyn made him feel so guilty, it was not like he was in love with another woman. Oh the thought of that word! It made his insides churn. He tried putting on a convincing smile once he heard heels clattering on the fine wood of the corridor leading to his room.

“Harry!” A woman of around 25 years of age said excitedly upon entering the room, and after a second recomposed herself as if embarrassed of her excitement. Red hair, tall and slim, breath-taking accent, beautiful with elegance and grace that no eye could miss; she was the perfect future Duchess of Stantfordshire.

“Everlyn. Sorry for the wait! Did not know they would keep you waiting to ask if you could come here. My apologies.” Harry spoke diplomatically as he took her hand to greet with a kiss.

“Harry, you don’t have to apologise for such things”, Lady Everlyn smiled, her perfect face turning more beautiful with that sweet smile.

There was after that an awkward pause that must have made even the gods cry. Everlyn waited for Harry to speak but Harry had no idea where to start. He felt so bad, keeping a girl like her waiting. She felt confused as to if Harry was not feeling well or if he did not want to show interest in her.

“How was your journey? Hopefully not too tiring?” Harry finally spoke, breaking the awful silence.

“Oh not too bad. The horses were fast, men not too lazy, and maids who tended to my every need on the carriage ride here even after a 12 hour journey.” Everlyn smiled somewhat laughingly as she joked to lighten the mood.

Harry laughed. The Lady was funny, and charming; a trait very popular in the Geitch.

“Well…let’s go meet family?” Harry took the lead, happy to find an escape from being alone with this beauty that was his fiancée.


“C’mon! we’re getting late!” Kelsey hurriedly cried while looking for parking.

“You don’t get late at a bar Kelsey” Tania irritatingly said as Kelsey finally parked.

“Yes you do, if you’ve got a blind date waiting on you!”

“Blind date?!! What’re you talking about!?” Tania stared at Kelsey with eyes as big as a fawn’s. Kelsey had been successful in dressing Tania into a short, very short black lacey dress and dragging her to a club against all excuses. But there had been no mention of a blind date, this had got to be a joke.

“Oh come on now Tan! It’s not the end of the world. You’re 26! You need to be in a relationship, or AT LEAST get laid! It’s good for your health” Kelsey laughed out loud as Tania fumed in anger. Almost dragging Tania inside, Kelsey set out to look for the “date” and her boyfriend.

“There they are! See that guy in the white shirt? Bet it’s him! Your date!”

“Yay..” Tania said in the saddest way possible. She was not up for a blind date, in fact she was not ready to date at all. Her past limited experience when it came to dating had made it obvious to her that it wasn’t her cup of tea. She had socializing issues, she might be amazing at her office job but once she left that building, her socializing skills would disappear. She could not keep up with the small talk, she didn’t have anything interesting to talk about apart from few very geeky things, and her stomach possessed artistic powers of making loud sounds every time she tried getting intimate with a “date”.

Tania tried to smile but she felt like the fake smiles probably made her look like she had constipation. After trying to be better at hiding her current emotions, she gave a teeth-flashing smile to the two guys that approached them.

“Ray!” Kelsey went and hugged her boyfriend, giving him a kiss before she turned to hug the “blind date” Tania was guessing.

Not bad looking at all actually, Tania caught herself thinking. Tall, blonde hair trimmed and styled away perfectly, black framed Ray Ban glasses that made him look smart but in the most attractive way, fit light blue shirt with rolled up sleeves half way paired with trousers giving him a young yet a businessman statement at a bar; which surprised Tania, and of course dimples. He had dimples, great. A man with perfect facial structure and dimples, Tania had a weakness for dimples. Before she could say anything, he offered his hand for a handshake. Polite! Tania thought.

“Before I introduce myself, I am compelled to ask. Did you survive the Avada Kedavra Curse? Because you’re drop dead gorgeous!” He pressed his lips against her hand as a greeting.

Not being able to resist, Tania smiled which turned into a laugh. She couldn’t believe it, this man was a Harry Potter fan! It was going to be a night full of surprises and weirdly; she couldn’t wait for what came next.

“Peter”, the ‘blind date’ introduced himself as he smiled looking at Tania laugh at his geeky pick-up line, “Please forgive me, I don’t usually go around pubs picking up girls with harry potter pick-up lines” He said as his face reddened a little.

“Tania, nice to meet you. And I’m not quite sure if I really believe that.” both laughed.

“Kelsey had mentioned that apart from business, Harry Potter is the only thing we both have in common, so thought I’d break the ice beforehand. You didn’t seem much interested in this from faraway so…” Peter said giving Tania a warm smile.

“I am sorry. It’s just…I’ve never been on a blind date before so I was nervous to what was going to happen” Tania explained.

“Me neither.” Peter said as he gestured to walk towards the booths.

“Did you come straight from work?” Tania asked curiously.

“Yes. A long meeting today, and I couldn’t say no to Ray about this whole thing so I came along right after. I am glad I didn’t say no”, Peter gave a smile.

“Are you trying to charm me?”

“And what would make you think that?”

“Your dimples. You’re showing them off too much”

“Well…Is it working?” Peter smiled with a crooked smile.

“Dare say it is”, Tania replied as they both laughed.

To Tania’s surprise, time went by so fast that when Kelsey walked up to them to remind Tania of work tomorrow, Tania almost fell off her chair looking at her watch.

“2 am!! Oh gosh I needa get home! I’ve got work tomorrow!”

“You have work on a Saturday?” Peter seemed surprised.

“Yes, the Prince never sleeps it seems. Sorry I have to go. It was nice meeting you” Tania replied with a hint of evident sadness that she had to leave. She was still shocked at how much she had enjoyed tonight. Going hours through a blind date with only 2 drinks was a huge accomplishment.

“You work for the Prince??”, Peter said with a curious voice.

“Yes. I work with Kelsey. I am the department head of Designs and happen to be his secretary as well.”

“Secretary and department head? Together?”

“Apparently the Royal Family prefers to have secretaries that are higher up the ladder as opposed to a clerical worker” Tania replied as if she found that as the most annoying demand ever.

“Ah. Royal families…” Peter laughed but with a hint of certain despise but Tania did not ask further into the matter.

“Anyways, if you don’t mind, can I drop you home instead?” Peter asked Tania with rays of hope in his hazel eyes.

“um…Kelsey?” Tania looked for an answer from her ride.

“Of course! You go! I’ll drive myself” Kelsey raised her brows as she smiled.

“Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow then! Bye!” Tania hugged Kelsey good-bye as she smacked her for forming ideas of Tania and Peter in her head.

The car ride was surprisingly quiet, but it was the peaceful silence that Tania appreciated. With low music in the background and chilly night, it seemed perfect, and the company itself wasn’t too bad either.

“Here we are”, Peter stopped the car, waking Tania up.

“Oh gosh! I fell asleep? I’m so sorry!!” Tania apologised embarrassed of falling asleep on her date.

“I am glad you did though, or I wouldn’t have known you snore.”

“I don’t snore!!” Tania blushed as she shot a mad look at Peter and watched him laugh.

“All right, you better go or you’ll be dead tomorrow”.

“Yeah…bye Peter. It was nice meeting you” Tania gave Peter a smile as she got out of the car.

“Tania!” Peter stopped her and got out himself. He walked towards her, and gave her a tight hug. “I am glad I went on the blind date, or I would’ve missed the best date I’ve had.”

“Me too” Tania gave Peter a kiss on the cheek and smiling, walked off to her house.

TaniaBeckster, surprised right? It was amazing wasn’t it? And thank you Tummy Becksterfor not embarrassing me tonight,Tania laughed as she fell asleep.

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