Chapter 2: The Frustration.

“No! no, no. I refuse to. Aah! Aahh!!” Tania after what seemed like a never-ending nightmare woke up all shaken, sweat trickling down her forehead. Checking the clock she relaxed, pulled on her sheets more and tried going back to sleep. She still had 3 more hours until work.

“If you gotta be my lover, you gotta get with friends..” Tania Beckster sang out loudly in the shower, pretending to be baby Spice.

Who would see her and say she’s the same Tania who didn’t have any social life outside the house except work? She would never show anyone this side of her; she was too vulnerable to do so in this bitter world.

After shower and getting ready, Tania left for work hoping to take care of her work without any disturbances from the prince. One week had passed since Prince Harry had joined the office and it had become increasingly tough for Tania. He had different perspectives on how the company should be run and greatly depended on employee participation. Tania did not mind the participation, but it only meant that she was called in almost every 30 minutes to discuss either a new plan, a meeting, or answer his questions regarding how his own brother worked here before. One thing Tania never understood was how he would get stiff at the mention of his brother’s name, yet he still asked every time how differently his brother would treat a particular subject. Tania could only work out two possibilities for this behavior; one that he wanted to constantly outshine his brother in the hopes of getting the King’s favours as much as possible, or that he wanted to simply hear if his brother was a bad boss to secretly enjoy his brother’s vices. One thing was certain, no matter what the tabloids and interviews said, the princes were definitely not close to each other.

Harry picked up the phone, and after pausing to think for a second he dialed in a number.

“Hello? Yes. Tania if you could please come in?”

Great. Another one on one meeting. I don’t know if it’s good or bad that he worries about this company so much. Grunting, Tania left her cabin.

“Tanny! Lunch?” Kelsey asked out loud while Tania passed by her cubicle.

“I wish! Meeting.” Tania bitterly whispered and snatching a baby carrot from Kelsey’s hand while she laughed at Tania’s misery, Tania walked over to Harry’s office.


“Ah Tanny! I-I mean Tania. Sorry, heard people call you Tanny here.” Harry’s face turned red with embarrassment.

“Oh um it’s alright sir. Not my favourite pet name anyways.” Tania did not know how to react at Harry calling her by her pet name except to blush.

“Um, yeah right. It does sound a little..” Harry! SHUT UP. He thought to himself before finishing his sentence. He fixed his posture, stopped shaking his leg under his desk; something he did every time he was nervous. “Anyways, I called you here to let you know that Mr. Spencer is coming here with his team for the housing project we are signing with them. I would like you to make a presentation on the key points that we’ll be discussing as well as our designs for the community. I need this project to be signed ONLY by Mr. Spencer. Knowing how much he cares for his name in the community, he is willing to spend any amount to get housing to the middle class in that area. We have to impress him as well as his financial advisor to know that our designs are the best in the most reasonable amount for his company.”

“Yes sir. I will get them ready by tonight? I’ve already been working on it since this morning.”

“Already? Did you know about them coming?”

“No sir. I just thought we’d better be prepared in case he decides to visit without any notice. He tends to do that.” Tania had worked with Mr. Spencer before, a cousin of the King. But the royals did not really seem much close to their extended family to the point of calling them uncles. She also knew that Mr. Spencer was someone who believed in visiting his business partners without any notice, which meant she had to be prepared at all times with the ideas.

“That’s impressive…” Harry said with a lost look on his facing, staring at Tania.

Why is he staring? Kelsey help me get out of here! Tania cried for help in silence.

STOP. STARING. HARRY. JAMES. EDWARD. CHARLES. Harry yelled out his full name in his mind, utterly mad at himself.

“Thank you, Tania. I will look forward to your project, if you have any inquiries, ask Luke to help you out.” Before you could say anything else to embarrass himself, he turned his chair around pretending to look for his files in the cabinet behind him.

“Yes sir.” Tania hurried and left his cabin. Out of weekly one on one meetings, this one had been the weirdest. She wondered what had gotten into Harry. Was he trying to be informal or was there something deeper than that? Whatever it was, she was not ready for it.

Harry’s POV

It was Prince Harry’s first day at the office. Putting on his watch, he left his room all dressed in suit and tie attire, very princely indeed.

“Harry my dear! Good luck!” called out a soft sweet voice.

“Mum! Thank you!” Harry smiled, hugging his mum. She was tall, about 5’9, lean body even at the age of what looked like 50 years old. She was a pretty woman, perfect features and blonde hair. She walked towards the dining room in her heels and skirt and dress shirt.

“C’mon. Let’s eat breakfast together today?” she smiled, hoping he would say yes.

“As you say mother.” Harry was close to his mother. He had seen her through out all these years, burning in the fire of what this royal life brought with it. She had once been a lively young soul who was known for her love for people. Unfortunately, her lively self had died out in the flames of her loveless marriage and burdens of being the Queen.

“Thomas, is everyone down?” She called out to the butler.

“Yes ma’am.” A man of around 60 years old bowed down to Queen Helena.

He opened the doors for the dining room for the queen and Harry.

“Ah! Still here as I predicted.” Said a young man sitting at the table already. He seemed to be around 30-33 years of age, light brown hair, fit body, and good-looking features like his brother’s.

“Yes. Mum wanted to have breakfast together so I thought to do that first. If you don’t mind, Albie.” Harry said bitterly clearly making his brother mad with the pet name. He did not like his brother much, and that was a reciprocated feeling.

“Don’t mind him Harold!” giggled a young woman sitting next to Prince Albert. She looked like she was in her early 20s, beautiful like ever seen, her gorgeous brown hair with streaks of blonde put nicely in a braided bun.

“Don’t Ella!” Harry smiled at his younger sister, Princess Isabella. He loved her too much, being the typical overprotective older brother. She was the one who kept this family like family, spreading her warmth everywhere she went. She reminded him of his mother’s younger years in his childhood.

“Quiet.” Came a word from the head of the table. King Theodore had put his newspaper down, and was now putting butter on his toasted bread.

All four ate in silence; the only sound audible was that of clattering china and silverware. Harry finished his breakfast as soon as he could, and saying his byes, rushed to leave for work.

“Here, Sir.”

“Thank you Norman.” Harry thanked his driver and got out outside the office doors. He was clearly nervous; this company was a big dream of his father’s and an establishment of his grandfather. What made it even scarier was the work his brother had done to bring it to the heights it had achieved in past 3 years and how impressed Queen Mother was of his brother. He had high standards to live up to.

Walking to his cabin, he met every important staff member, and giving a little speech to the entire 300 people working at the office, he proceeded to his private cabin. It was a big space with 2 sofas on one end accompanied by a coffee table, and the other end was where his desk and cabinets were located. There was a private bathroom in there, and a closet for his extra work clothes just in case he needed a pair. The view was spectacular, looking over the greenery filled hills outside the office.

Few minutes had passed by till he met her. The new trouble in his life that he had never expected would come across to him at this office. This young woman in her late 20s had walked in, claiming to be Tania Beckster, his Dept. head of designs and his personal secretary. The moment she walked in, Harry had a rush of feeling he could not explain, but it was definitely not what he wanted to feel. She was talking with confidence yet there was a hint of nervousness. She kept calling him prince and your royal highness. Harry could not stop watching her, dark brown hair that gave her green eyes a pop of colour. Her skin looked so smooth he wanted to touch it to feel it for himself. “Not that tall, around 5’4 in height without heels perhaps” he had thought to himself. She had perfect eyeliner on, hair in nice curls, grey pencil skirt with white blouse top that still managed to show her curvy yet fit body. Even after she left the office, Harry could smell the soft yet strong smell she had left behind of her perfume.

You. Are. Screwed. He had thought to himself.

A week after, Harry still could not control his feelings. He kept calling her in the cabin at any chance that he got. Today was the limit of it all. He had called her again, but this time his thoughtlessness had gotten him to come across as friendly or worse, informal. He could not afford to be informal and personal with her. She was just a normal girl who worked for him. And it could not be anything else but that.

He still did not know why he felt such a connection to Tania; she was not the only pretty girl he had seen. Beautiful young princesses and girls of high status always surrounded him. The worst feeling was his guilt, he knew he could not feel this strongly about Tania’s presence, after all, he was engaged to be married.

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