Chapter 1: The Meeting.

Taylor Swift’s “New Romantics” chorus started ringing loudly in her ears, making her jump out of bed.

“Seriously? It’s a Sunday! Sundays are off days! Why’s he coming today?” she grunted while walking to the bathroom to get ready.

Hurrying up she took a shower, curled her hair, and fixing herself a cuppa she rushed out to leave for work. It was a beautiful sunny day, usually not a norm here in Stantfordshire. The neighborhood looked lovely with all the houses lined down the street with perfectly decorated faux balconies with flowers, well paved cobblestone streets, and children running down to the ice cream van. It was a beautiful Sunday indeed. Except for her who had to go to work and miss out on a weather perfect day.

Great! First he decides to come on a weekend and now this traffic! Couldn’t get any worse than this. She honked to the car in front whose driver seemed to have fallen asleep while waiting for the light to open up. Driving as fast as she could legally, she finally got to the office.

Beep! Beep! Her phone started ringing while she tried to get her stuff from the backseat.

“Hello?” she answered, immediately wishing she hadn’t.

“Tan! Could you ever answer your phone?? We’ve been trying to call since last night!” yelled her sister on another line.

“Good morning to you too Nat!” she answered sarcastically while locking her car. “Look I have work on a weekend today so I am already not so thrilled about that, now if you don’t mind I’ve got to go. No time to chitchat or argue.”

“Not calling to argue loser. I just wanted to ask if you’re coming next weekend? Mum’s been asking.”

“Tell her I’ll have to check with my new boss to see if he’ll let me go. I’ll try asking today but can’t promise anything.” She walked past the main door checking through security as she waved back good morning to the guard. She whispered back as if ashamed of what her sister had asked her, “No Natalie. I am not going to stare at my boss to give you a detailed description of how he looks! Just check on Google, he’s everywhere” and hung up.

Tania Beckster was not someone who would check out guys. She was a successful young woman with 2 years of experience with this company after she graduated from Barrington University, topping in her class. She was funny and nice, but she kept that hidden until she got really close to someone she could trust. Unlike her sister, she had far better things to do than give her attention to men, even if that happened to be her new boss Prince Henry, Duke of Stantfordshire. As she walked by she heard a familiar voice calling her.

“There you are! You’re little late! Go on then, hurry he’s been waiting”, a girl around 24-25 years old said as she smiled at Tania and accompanied her to his cabin, “try not to be sarcastic.”

“Kelsey! I’m never sarcastic! And c’mon, it’s a lovely Sunday morning and we are here working for a Prince, can’t get more dreamy and lovely than this”, Tania smiled as Kelsey laughed and walked back to her cubicle.

Knocking on the door and after she heard him say come in, she walked inside the cabin hoping he was better than his mean bossy brother who last ruled over this office keeping everyone under a scrutinising eye.

“Hello, Your Highness”, She greeted the Prince hoping her Google search ‘How to greet a prince’ was not going to make her look like a fool. “I am Tania Beckster, your department head of Designs and your personal secretary.”

There he was, the younger Prince and the new MD of this company, standing looking outside the window over the beautiful green landscape that surrounded the building. About 6 ft tall, well tanned probably from a nice sunny vacation, light brown hair perfectly groomed and gelled back to keep it from falling into his eyes; amazing green eyes that looked deeper than the ocean itself, engulfed in his long lashes. His jaw sharp and masculine, and his fitted half sleeved shirt with black tie and trousers helped his well-built body look even more fit than he probably was.

“Ms. Beckster, how nice of you to finally join us this morning. I thought for a second that you might just have taken the day off,” the prince said after checking his watch and sitting down.

Brilliant. The late comment. Yup, seems just like his brother, she thought. Realising he was waiting on her to answer, she replied back, “Oh sorry Your Highness. I got stuck in traffic here by the beach bridge. Won’t happen again, Sir.” She blushed. She had dreaded the first impression of her to be that of a lazy worker.

“Number 1: don’t call me Your Highness, or Royal Highness, or Duke or anything like that please. Just Harry is fine. And second, I’m joking. You were just 5 minutes late that’s alright. I was late myself. It’s good enough that you showed up on a Sunday” he smiled as he saw her blush at his complaint earlier.

“Oh,” she didn’t know what else to say. There she was, trying very hard to act normal in front of a prince. She somehow still hadn’t gotten used to the royals even though she had worked with Prince Albert for 2 years in the same company, “well Sir, um..I mean Harry, as you do not have time tomorrow to be here I wanted to run through Tuesday’s plan for the meeting with Mr. Richardson and few designs I had been working on for the new project” she said with confidence.

Tania opened up her file and started explaining all the details. He agreed upon some and making a few changes, dismissed her to her cabin.

“How is he??” Kelsey jumped out of her cubicle when she saw Tania leaving his office. Everyone was paying attention to hear what she had to say about him, knowing how much everyone hated the elder prince who was the former MD of this company.

“Oh guys, he’s nice! Totally opposite.” She answered to everyone’s unspoken question and left after hearing multiple sighs of relief.

Tania walked to her cabin, sat down, and closed her eyes. She had remained calm all this time but now she was alone. She felt the fear creeping up to her bones, and she felt like her past had come back to haunt her. No. She was not letting that memory ruin how she behaved with Prince Harry. He was a different person, no matter if one of them.

He is not his brother. Remember That. She reminded herself.

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