Pensive OR Pensieve? Potterhead out there?

Today’s daily prompt word is Pensive. It’s definition being: “engaged in, involving, or reflecting deep or serious thought.” Now, I am going to add a little twist into this. In Harry Potter J. K. Rowling named an object Pensieve, which was used to review or engage into memories stored by anyone who wishes to see them later. Smart is she not? Just adding a letter to the word pensive?

Those moments Harry and Dumbledore spent going into the past, searching through memories to find something about death eaters or Lord Voldemort [shhh! ;)] were important in the shaping of this story. Pensieve was what helped Harry find out that Snape loved Lilly all his life, it made him realize that he was a Horcrux as well and to surrender himself to Voldemort was the only way to save the wizarding world (Oh Harry, always being the hero). Those sad moments were he watched the past that could only cost sadness sometimes.

Pensieve as an object, or pensive as a word, I choose to write about it today because I was watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows today and came across Dumbledore’s yet another awesome quote, “Don’t pity the dead Harry, pity the living, and above all those who live without love.” This quote itself makes you go into a pensive mood and think about life. We human beings regard love as one of the most important things in life and seek it whenever and wherever we can. But, many who can never find true love what about them? I believe in true love, not the kind that movies or novels show, but definitely the kind that makes you trust someone with the matters of your heart. If you spend your life without someone important to love; no matter who it is whether a family member or a stranger, it becomes a little sad perhaps. Love is a powerful spell that binds us into happiness in my opinion, but only if done with the right person.

‘Pity the ones who live without love’ such an amazing thing to say. Harry Potter teaches us the value of friendship, the value of being able to love, value of being loving and being able to find the good in others and above all, being able to forgive. A person who can love, who can see the good in others when everyone else refuses to, those are forever happy even in the times of sadness. Love is something that has the power to lift us up and bring out the best in us even when we can’t see it. Humans are blessed with the power to love and to feel and we must use it well. At the same time, using pensive in terms of existing relationships, thinking too much or deeply into something your partner does or says and letting it upset you is something unhealthy in a relationship.

So pensive overall, not the best word in terms of relationship. Learn to love, to live for love, and don’t let overthinking or staying away from someone you love because of any reason make you upset. Love is powerful, make it your strength rather than your weakness.

Inspired by daily prompt: Pensive

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