Sacrifice, A Mother’s Tale.

This one is for you mom! Love you! 

Since Mother’s Day is tomorrow, and since the daily post prompt for today was “Sacrifice”, the very first thought that came to my mind was my mom, an epitome of sacrifice yet unconditional love. A mother’s life begins when she conceives a child, and since that very day her sacrifices for her children take over her life. My mom has lived her life for me and my brother, making every decision keeping us in mind. A mother stays up nights and nights for years just to make sure her child is safe and sound a sleep, she gives up her favorite things in life for her children, she sacrifices to work hard day and night as much as she can to provide for her children. Not just mothers but fathers work just as hard for their children but since I’m writing for mother’s day I will focus on mothers.

I remember the time when we came here to an entirely different country, and my mom without any former use of English language still managed to find herself a job; that too in a service business, just to help my dad out to make our lives better.The job involved working 5-7 days a week 12 hour job where she wouldn’t even get time to eat or sit for 5 minutes. A life like that was entirely different from life back home where she had never worked a day, and she had to speak a language she never had properly learned, yet she still kept that job, and worked hard to help us live a normal life here without any troubles.

Today due to all her sacrifices, and handwork, my mom is one of the biggest inspirations in not just my life but many others she meets everyday. She along with my dad own a big company in the service business, and have changed our lives in the most amazing ways. Their sacrifices have provided me a life I could only imagine at one point, and helped me learn the meaning of sacrifice for family.


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