Insecurity Is The Mother Of A Girl’s Problems.

All guys know girls are complicated, it’s nothing new to know and it’s every guy’s nightmare. A girl’s complication can be different though; each girl’s situation is different. We might be your cool AF girlfriend who plays videogames with you or we can be the super girly girl in the relationship that you have to take shopping every weekend, no matter what the level of our coolness, our level of complication is ALWAYS there. If a girl thinks she’s not complicated, that’s pretty hard to believe. Now, why are we so complicated? Why do we overthink so much? Why can we never decide to eat a chocolate cake or….a cheesecake??<-(that was a joke).

It’s an issue that guys usually never understand, insecurity. Of course, eating what cake isn’t related to our insecurities, but the mother of most of our complications is our insecurities. Insecurities in a girl can originate due to many reasons, it can be either because we don’t believe we are pretty enough, or skinny enough, or smart enough. Or it can be because we aren’t confident enough and lack the self-esteem we wish we had. Insecurities can also be in a relationship, insecure about your partner and always afraid they won’t be loyal to you, that they’ll leave you and constant fear of being cheated on. These are very broad issues to talk about. Today I am going to talk about insecurities in a girl due to her lack of confidence in herself. Unfortunately, I am my own example today because I lack the confidence level in myself that I wish I had, and that ends up making me insecure and self-conscious all the time.

I always think I am not pretty enough, and that thought might be fed into me partly due to the society we live in. These days girls are supposed to be skinny, perfect abs and legs and bodies, fair in complexion, mainly everything related to how we look. I am none of those things, I’m not exactly skinny, don’t have abs or amazing legs, I’m tanned in complexion, I love sweets, I have stretch marks on my body and it’s not perfect like they show on the models and girls on TV and magazines. I am a real girl with flaws. I am clumsy, I am a big introvert and shy, I don’t have too many friends and I don’t do a lot of things other girls might do. I am not becoming a doctor or lawyer or dentist or any of those things. I have flaws, and because of those I end up being self-conscious. Every time I have to put a dress on, I have to make sure I feel comfortable in it to be able to go around in it all day and not feel fat in it. I have to put makeup on, make sure my hair is at least in a pony so that my crazy wavy hair won’t make me look like I walked out with my bed hair. I always feel like I need to be fairer in complexion that I’m too dark and certain types of makeup or clothes would make me look even darker than my color. I hide my scars from my clumsy falls because people comment on them every time. I try to stop myself from eating when we go out with others because I don’t want them to think I’ve got a monster appetite.

I am sure I am not the only one who feels and thinks this way. But when I think about all this, when I think of why I have such a hard time loving myself, I feel sad. My fiancé always on every occasion when needed, lifts me up, saves me from all this, takes away my overthinking moments, and makes me realize something. He tells me, “Love yourself. I don’t know why you can’t love yourself because you’re amazing! And if you won’t let yourself see how amazing you are, then no matter how many times I tell you that you look pretty or that you’re smart or that I love you, you won’t believe my words.” Words of wisdom Mr. M, words of wisdom. Then I thought about all this, thought of why I feel insecure and self-conscious in my own skin because I want to save myself every time I fall, not wait for a guy to pick me up. Society and all those people out there might tell you that you need to look a certain way, you need to be a certain way, but YOU are the only one who can choose what you want to be, and the minute you start to love yourself despite any flaws you have is when you conquer over your life. Anyone can put on makeup and look pretty, anyone can make stuff up and become smart temporarily, but not everyone can feel comfortable in his or her own skin. The key to being content in life, and to be insecurity free is a simple idea, love. Love yourself, and you’ll be a strong independent woman who makes heads turn with her confidence out on the streets! Insecurity is something that if gone badly can eat your soul alive (metaphorically of course), but to safe yourself from kind of life is solely your responsibility. So ladies, AND men out there, LOVE YOURSELF! YOU ARE SMART, INDEPENDENT, AND STRONG.

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