Love, In It’s True Form.

Love is like that ship that might give a few scares in the passing storm but it still takes you to the shore. It’s like that rain that pours the cry of all the skies but then leaves behind a beautiful rainbow. Our love is something so strong, that even my mind can not understand the true essence of even a single strand from the thousands that join to make our love so pure. Everytime you hold my hand, every time your eye locks with mine, everytime you make me laugh through my tears, somewhere someone keeping an eye on our souls probably gets to see how mine lights up. Our love has its fair ride through hills going up and down through hardships and moments of joy, but I would rather have it all with you than nothing. I love you as the captain loves his ship through the calm seas or the stormy wilderness because in the end, you’re my haven and you’re my sanctuary.

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